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If you are interested in republishing portions or the entirety of one or more of Berton Braley's works, please request permission via us through this form. This concerns ALL requests for permission to reuse portions of the copyrighted materials in journals, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, textbooks, emails, and other print or electronic formats.

We strongly suggest that you do not leave any field incomplete, if you want to ensure that your request is considered. Apart from the important formal details, please state clearly an extensive description in the form of the objective for the entirety of your publication.

We will promptly transfer your request to the legal copyright owners (his descendants) of the Berton Braley estate or we may refer you (when in doubt about the copyrights or certain of them being elsewhere) to a different organization or person.

If permission is granted by the Berton Braley estate owners, the terms of their permission will all be stated in the e-mail that you receive back from us.

Usually we will provide you with a response within 72 hours.

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