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- Other sites which have helpful information on Berton Braley and his works.
- Poetry sites supporting works in the spirit of Berton Braley's: If you have a worthwhile site that fits the philosophy embedded in Berton Braley's work, then I'll honor any request to reciprocate a link to your site.
Fundamentally this means, that creative content that applauds rational human endeavors is welcome, supporting the creation of anti-man activities (like anti-heroism, nihilism, subjectivism, skepticism, expressionism, etc)  is not.

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Disclaimer: The fact that I list these sites does not mean that I endorse all their goals or the entire content of their sites. Listing these sites here only means that I'm appreciative of their contribution to creating or promoting good poetry or of their help in making Berton Braley, and especially his works, better known.


Non-profit sites: Largest collection of poets. poetry, poetry links and poetry forums that we know of! If you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere.

Patrick Martin's Web Page/The Poetry Resource: An extensive and eclectic collection of poetry links.

Letter by Poetess ELLA WHEELER WILCOX on (amongst others) her visit to the Braley household.  
From: Madison, Past and Present. [Madison: State Journal Printing Co., 1902], held by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

Poetry-Archive: Home of the world's grfeatest poems! If you look for an easy accessible list of poets and some samples of heir works and links to their fan sites, then check this site out.

Commercial sites:

New Poets Press: A publishing company for high quality, non-standard, poetry..

Poetonline: A poetry writing company that has a poem listed by Berton Braley.

Quent Cordair Fine Art: A arts company selling e-cards with Berton Braley's poems.

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