There seem to be many thousands of poems written by Berton Braley. In his autobiography he says he wrote over 10,000 of them! Some may be lost, some may suddenly appear thanks to continuing research.

Below is an always updated count of the number of poems that we have found and that we can reproduce the text of or give a reference for. Our goal is of course to bring back to life as many as possible poems by Berton Braley.


The poem titles and text that we presently know of can be accessed in three ways:

- through an alphabetical index
- through a subject index
- through a chronological index

Both these lists will have links to the full text of the listed poem, as far as this text has been posted on this site. The titles that have this full text will shown in color, otherwise the title is black. Considering the immense size of that task, this will be a continuous process for a quite a while.

Lessons in writing better poetry
Lessons in
writing better poetry

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