The lad I love--he must have pep
And vim and vigor in his step.

In verve he must outshine the gang
And tango with a certain tang.

And have a line that's brisk and tonic,
And stimulating and ironic.

His handclasp hast to have a tingle,
And when our kisses intermingle
Whether they're lengthy ones or quick
They must have snap and steam and kick.

I want a lot? Well, anyhow,
That is the way I see it now;

But probably I'm doomed to fall
For someone not like that at all,

Some modest member of the bunch
Who hasn't any jazz or punch.

But girls in love have little sense
And--I won't know the difference.

And he undoubtedly will be
Kick, pep, snap, vim and zip to me!

Published in: Life Magazine - November 14, 1930

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