Subject index of poems                                                                                                   
This index is based on all the main values of an individual's life as well as some little inconveniences, all in order of the degree of importance which I consider right. Click on any colored title for the complete text of the poem.

A. Self

A. 1 Virtues

A Little Further
A Prayer
Purely Personal
Start Where You Stand
That's Success
The Climbers
The Great Adventure
The Pioneers
The Price
The Scouting Trail
The Thinker
The Will To Win
Why Not?

A.2 Work

Able Seaman Pegg
At Your Service: The Panama Gang
Business Is Business (1)
Business Is Business (2)
Enchanted Machines
In The Subjunctive
Just Anti-social
Merchant Adventurers
Songs Of The Camp
The Armies Of Peace
The Best Time
The Boxer
The Engineers
The Hoisting Engineer
The Miner (1)
The Miner (2)
The Mucker
The Power Plant
The Prospector
The Rumblers
The Shift Boss
The Shops
The Spirit Of Management
The Teamster
The True Singer
The Truth About Copper Hill
The Working Song
Type Is Made To Be Read
With Doubt And Dismay

B. Romantic Love

A Regular Girl
A Pipe, A Jug, A Book
Any Lover To His Lass
Balance All
By Degrees
From Any Angle
Heart To Believe
Just Because
Let's Pretend
Love And Logic
Murder Domesticated
Speaking Of Driving
Strategic Retreat
The Added Ingredient
The Dead Dream
The Miracle
The Modern Version
The One Talent
The Passionate Poet To His Love
The Recipe
The Queen Of Hearts
The Vamp Explains
To My Valentine
To "The Wife"
With All Your False

D. Family

All Off Here
Babyhood - from Little Wandersongs
Childhood - from Little Wandersongs
It's Only Fair
Model Behavior
Stern Measures
The Mother
Undomesticated Animals

E. Friends

The Lost Buddy (from: Ballads of the AEF)

F. Heroes

Lest We Forget
Some Man!
Sybil Ludington's Ride
The Valorous Visage

G. Pets

Very Domestic

H. Places

Erie (from: Songs Of the Great Lakes)
Names Of Romance
No Facts Wanted
Range Fever
Under The Sky
The Girder Monkey Hits The Trail
The Old West
The Open Trail
The Permanent Brand
The Wicked City
There's a Home In Oklahoma
Where Men Are Men
Wooden Music

I. Language

Learning To Write
No rule to be afraid of
Type Was Made To be Read

J. Various values

A Hardy Perennial
Bright In The Corner
Chanteys To Order
Chant Royal Of The Tramp Royal
For Men Only
Gentlemen Adventurers
Mature Wisdom
My Old Cob Pipe
Noisy noise
That Meal
The Hitch Hiker's Litany
The Natural History Lesson
The Rainbow Chaser
The Scout Trail
The Sensitive Avocado
The Telephone Directory
The Wanderer
Topless Tours
Untitled poem
When The Smoke's A Curlin' Round
Without A King  (from: Biblical Ballads In Modern Dress)

J. Inconveniences

B division " (from: Songs Of The Training Camps - Officers Training School)
Fresh Every Hour
Have Patience
Humors Of Law
I Never Go There Anymore
"K.P."  from: Songs Of The Training Camps  (Officers Training School)
Reasonably Priced
Sez You
Sonnets Of A German Spy
That Caps It
The Authority
The Blight Of Waste
The Breaking Point (from: Songs Of The Training Camps - Officers Training School)
The Grind (from: Songs Of The Training Camps - Officers Training School)
The Habit
The Kidder
The News In Rime
The Passenger Hog (from: Songs Of the Great Lakes)
The Qualmy Sailor
The Speed Demon's Funeral

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