A Regular Girl                                                                                                   
Say, what do you mean by a Regular Girl?
Well, that's a bit puzzling to state.
Her hair has, perhaps, an irregular curl
Or maybe it's perfectly straight;
And maybe she's pretty and maybe she's not
And maybe she's stately or short,
But somehow or other you always can spot
A girl who's the Regular sort.

There's always a regular feminine charm
To all of her regular ways,
There's purity, too, which no evil can harm,
There's honor and truth in her gaze;
But there's an irregular whimsical twist
To some of her thoughts and her acts
Which makes her exceedingly hard to resist
For mystery always attracts.

She's eager and joyous and vivid and smart,
She's healthy and wholesome and sweet,
Her Regular smile gives each masculine heart
A slightly irregular beat.
A Regular Pal you can bank on for life
With faith no hard luck can dispel.
And--a Regular Girl makes a Regular Wife
And a Regular Mother as well.

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