Able Seaman Pegg                                                                                                   
Able Seaman Pegg is an ordinary jacky,
Full of health and vigor, as a jacky ought to be;
Servant of his Uncle Sam, not anybody's lackey,
Slave of regulations, yet a spirit bold and free.
Broad across the shoulders, with a chest that's like a horse's,
Neck that's like a column and an arm that's like a leg;
Proud that he's a member of the country's naval forces-
That's the dope on Able Seaman Pegg.

Able Seaman Pegg in his locker has a letter
Written by Josephus, and it tells him "Attaboy!"
(Saw a woman drowning and he risked his life to get her;
When it comes to danger, Pegg is anything but coy.)
Does he prize that missive? Well there's not a chance to doubt it,
Yet if you would see it you must go to him and beg;
Keeps it under cover and he never talks about it-
"Aw, it's nuthin' much, says Seaman Pegg.

Able Seaman Pegg wouldn't take a prize for beauty;
He's no little angel, and he has his fling ashore,
Yet he comes back steady-eyed, ready for his duty,
Gunnery or holystone or any other chore;
Full of pep and ginger as a brother of St. Vitus,
When it's fight or frolic he is game to shake a leg.
Say it's good to know we have-should some nation fight us-
Fifty thousand more like Seaman Pegg!

Published in: The Popular Magazine - December 20, 1916

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