About Museum

Who manages this cyber museum?

My name is:                                Peter Leeflang
My contact e-mail address is:  Just click on link to webmaster below
My address is:                           29 Church Street, Dedham MA 02026-4315, USA
My phone number at home is:  +1 (781) 329-8595

What are my objectives for this cyber museum?

My principal purpose is to bring Berton Braley's works back to life, where they belong.......

In order to achieve that, I have built an organized place where aficionados of his poetry, can admire his achievements in text and image formats. Eventually sound will also be added, since that is an important component of poetry.
I want to share, with those that are willing to listen, the great value I see in Berton Braley's works.

Berton Braley shows his listeners what they can be as human beings and he often does it -laughing - like a challenge. He does this on the one hand by showing what virtues men can live by, on the other hand by making fun of, parodying, those who think they can get away with contradicting these virtues.

The way Berton Braley shows these virtues and these banalities is by telling a story, in comprehensible language. Both these skills are very rare skills among present day's poets).
His versified stories have clear plots and climaxes. With his rhyme and meter he also brings speed and emotion in them.
All the main turns on's of real life!
Thanks to Braley's skills one can easily imagine his poems happening in real life and one can imagine meeting many of the admirable people he describes.......... even better......... You will love to meet those characters, even be like them!

But don't let me just tell you............go....... and look around and experience his art by yourself.........................

What are the museum's activities?

- Showing its present collection of works and ephemera of the poet
- Expanding the collection through acquisitions and through exchanges, loans, authorized links etc. in order to preserve what Berton Braley left us.
- Documenting Braley's works with a biography and a bibliography and expanding this documentation frequently
- Networking with other Berton Braley aficionados and collectors both on Internet and "live"
- Promoting Braley's work with persons and organizations involved in poetry that are not aware of his achievements
- Publishing, promoting and also organizing events where the works of Berton Braley are being presented
- Acquiring copyrights and publishing known and unknown work by Berton Braley
- Providing resource information for the publication and acquisition of Berton Braley's work

What are my plans for future activities?

These are just a few activities to begin with. I may later develop further activities.
Some of these may be:
- Recording the readibg of Braley's poems and adding this sound the web site so the most essential ingredient of his works becomes palpable and the whole value of his work gets understood
- Providing commemorative plaques for buildings and locations where Berton Braley lived/worked
- Publishing the complete collected works of Berton Braley
- Publishing thematic (vertical market oriented) series of Braley poems (f.e. a series for businessmen, a series for soldiers, a series for engineers, a series for the family, a series for lovers, a series for sports fans, as series for travelers)
- Making a documentary video on the poet
- Marketing the poet's verse via other media

What are my qualifications to run this museum?

I am computer savvy and I have been an archivist at various organizations and have developed and implemented many large and complex, well documented and well indexed archives there.  These archives now provide valuable information that had often been lost for a long time. I opened that information up, so brought it back to life again......................like I now want to bring Berton Braley's work back to life again. That is where his work belongs!

What can you do?

If you care about bringing Braley's work back to life where it belongs, here are some pointers what you can do:

1) If you have ideas or would like to share in the further development of these activities or in the museum itself then I welcome you and hope to hear from you soon!

2) You can promote Berton Braley with other organizations. Here is for example a site where you can request that they list him:

- www.poets.org (the more people request for his inclusion the more likely it is that he will be listed among the great like Rudyard Kipling)

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