Balance All                                                                                                   
I've rearranged your dressing table,
It's more symmetrical by far,
Although perhaps you won't be able
To find where creams and lotions are;
And I've reorganized your closet,
Rehanging dresses here and there,
And found a new place to deposit
Your girdles and your underwear.

The chiffonier now neatly graces
Another spot than that you chose,
And I've removed to other places
Your shoes and handkerchiefs and hose.
The curtains that you hung, I've changed them
To something far more bright and gay,
The rugs--I've also rearranged them
In what I think a nicer way.

The chaise longue and the bed are shifted,
The pier glass has a new location.
(I find that I am really gifted
with talent for redecoration.)
What's that? You do not like it, baby?
And you resent the nerve I've shown?
Well, possibly, perhaps, and maybe,
Now you will leave my desk alone!

Published in:  Ladies' Home Journal Magazine - December 1938

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