On January 29, Berton Braley is born at the Braley House, 422 N. Henry St., in Madison - Wisconsin (see Yahoo map, on the corner with Gilman). The house is still standing today and it is now a national historical monument due to his father's fame. His parents were Judge Arthur Briggs Braley (age 61) and Alta Electa Jordan (age 23). Berton's father preceded him as a writer, since he wrote many Shakespeare reviews and stories.

Berton's only sister Alta is born on April 11.     

Father dies on January 31.
Sister Alta dies on October 19 at age 2.

Braley reports in " My Maiden Effort " that, at age 11, he published for the first time. It was a  fairy tale called " Why The Grass Is Green ", released in a small periodical weekly, published in Chicago and with the title " The American Youth " .  

At age 16, Berton quits high school and becomes factory hand in the plow plant in Madison.

At age 17, after 2 years, Berton quits his job and returns to high school.

Berton discovers Tom Hood's instruction book how to make verse: " The Rhymester ". Second publication, but first poem, sold to Judge magazine for three dollars.

After doing 3 1/2 years of high school curriculum in only 2 years, Berton enters college.

Berton publishes " Sonnets of a freshman ".

Berton graduated from the University of Wisconsin.
He publishes " The Oracle on Smoke ".

Berton works as a reporter at The Butte Daily Inter-Mountain (predecessor of the Butte Daily Post) in Butte, Montana

Berton works as a reporter at The Butte Evening News in Butte, Montana
Press strike, Berton works six weeks of strike in Minnie Healy mine (of the Anaconda Copper Mine company) and also works as a reporter at the Daily Gazette in Billings, Montana.

Berton moves with mother and dog Sol to New York.
He works as a reporter at Life Magazine and later at the New York Evening Mail.
He becomes an associate editor of Puck Magazine for 6 months.
First start of writing about life and the people he meets with: Songs Of A Mining Camp (renamed later: " Mining Camp Ballads "). Sells these poems to Saturday Evening Post and is published.

1910 and on
Berton works as a free lance writer.

Berton starts writing for NEA (Newspaper Enterprise Association), a news syndicate which is still part of newspaper publisher Scripps Howard today.

Berton visits Panama Canal.
He starts writing for McGraw-Hill (in magazines Coal Age, American Machinist etc.).

Berton publishes " Sonnets of a suffragette ".
He is elected to the Players' Club, a club for literary giants.
He versified the World Series for United Press.

Berton publishes " Songs of the Workaday World ".

Berton works as a special correspondent in Northern Europe for Collier's Magazine.

Berton publishes " Things As They Are" .
He marries in autumn.

Berton publishes " A Banjo at Armageddon ".
He writes, on request of Jerome Kern (for his music), the lyrics for " Toot Toot "  musical comedy after a play by Rupert Hughes " Excuse Me".

Berton works as a special correspondent in France, England and Germany.

Berton publishes " In Camp And Trench ".

Berton publishes " Buddy Ballads ".

On December 23 Berton Braley attends funeral of his uncle (from mother's side) Walter G. Richardson (postmaster and justice of the Peace of Richburg) in Richburg, NY, as a bearer of the coffin. This is mentioned in a newspaper article on Richardson's death.

Berton publishes " The Sheriff of Silver Bow ", his first novel and it describes Butte in of 15 years before.

Berton makes a trip to Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Hawaii.

On May 24 Berton remarries in Boylestown, Pennsylvania to an English lady with the name of Elliott Taylor.

Birth of Elliott and Berton's son Ian on July 2.
Wins first prize at limerick contest in 1925 competing with 200 versifiers at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

Berton publishes " The Enchanted Flivver ".

Berton publishes " Hurdy Gurdy on Olympus ", " I Ought To know That " and " Delia Demonstrates ".
He works as a correspondent in London.
Address in New York City: 308 West 88th Street

Addresses in New York City:
103 East 16th Street
224 West 12th Street

Publishes " Tales of the Hot Dog Tavern ".
Editor for Funk and Wagnalls Company of 10 volume poetry anthology series " Thousand Best Poems ".

Moves briefly to both South Norwalk and Darien in Connecticut.
Mail Address in South Norwalk, CT: Box 521
Mail Address in Darien, CT: Box 180

Moves back to Manhattan.
Publishes novel " Shoestring ", again about Butte.
Address in New York City: 103 East 16th Street

Publishes " Bonehead Bridge ".
Address in New York City: 206 East 15th Street

Address in New York City: 13 Gramercy Park
Mail Address in Tom's River, NJ: Box 294

Publishes " Pegasus pulls a hack " and " Morgan sails the Caribbean ".

Publishes " New Deal Ditties ".

Publishes " Quaker Fortress ".

Publishes " Stand fast for freedom ".

After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, he goes to Washington as a writer of the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.

He moves to Florida with his wife.

1966 (January 23)
At approximately 5 a.m. Berton Braley dies of cancer at age 83, while just having become a resident of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida, two months before.
He lived there at 456 - 13th Avenue.
According to his death certificate, he was cremated at Beach Memorial Chapel in St. Petersburg Beach on January 25, 1966. It is unclear if Braley's remains were buried after the cremation. Most likely not. Upon consulting a member of the local genealogical association I was informed that there is no grave for him in that county. A call to the Court also confirmed that there are no probate records (for researchers: his now publicly available social security number was 113-20-4942) .

Berton Braley's wife Elliott passed away in Florida as well.
Berton Braley's son Ian passed away on October 22, 1999 while living in Flagstaff, Arizona. He left behind his family of three children.
The estate of Ian Braley that contained Berton Braley's estate as well was distributed among Ian's children.

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