By Degrees                                                                                                   

I make a very modest plea
To which I hope you wil agree;
I'm in no rush
To make you blush
At my affection hot;
But, love me now a little bit;
To-morrow add a bit to it
And as the days proceed to flit,
You'll love me quite a lot.

Your maiden doubts I would not press
By begging for a sweet caress;
I'll give you time
To learn that I'm
A patient chap, I wot;
But--kiss me now a little bit,
To-morrow more, if you see fit,
And after you are used to it
You'll kiss me quite a lot.

I know it isn't in your head
That I'm the man you want to wed,
But still you ought
To give it thought,
Although it seems absurd;
So--think of it a little bit.
To-morrow give more thought to it,
And as the days proceed to flit
Perhaps you'll say the word.

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