Oh, we are young and it is spring.
The road before our feet is plain.
Our eyes are glowing and we sing.
Our armor has no dent nor stain.
Of high adventure we are fain
And hope is bright with every dawn.
Through Arcady and through Cockaigne
We're on our way to Carcassonne!

Now we are bearded men who swing
Tried swords. We know the battle-stain.
Our challenge to the world we fling.
"Who so oppose us shall be slain!"
Giants and dragons all in vain
Shall bar the roads we're marching on.
Seasoned in body, soul and brain,
We're on our way to Carcassonne!

Now we are old, Our voices ring
A little cracked. Our spirits wane.
Our ranks are thinned. The seasons bring
Little but weariness and pain.
Yet our proud purpose we maintain
Although our strength is almost gone;
Perhaps the goal we still shall gain-
We're on our way to Carcassonne!


Those towers of gold as ripened grain
Perchance we shall not gaze upon,
But still through sun, wind, snow and rain,
We're on our way to Carcassonne!

Published in: Carcassone, October 6, 1926

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