From Any Angle                                                                                                   

If I were a husband whose wife adored neatness
I wouldn't be one to upset it
And spoil the whole house's nice, ordered completeness.

--If I were a wife
I would say "Such is life!"
And forget it.

If I were a husband I'd try to be more
Than one who just clothed me and gloved me,
I'd be the blithe lover I once was before.

--If I were a wife I'd find that stuff a bore
I'd know by his acts that he loved me.

If I were a husband I'd read up on art
And cultural topics that matter,
So I could be clever, amusing and smart.

--If I were a wife
I'd say "My husband's life
Is much, much too busy for chatter!"

If I were a husband, 'twould cause me distress
To see my wife dowdy and funny,
I'd get her a coat and a suit and a dress.

--If I were a wife I would wait, more or less,
Until he had gathered the money!"

"If I were a husband." ... "If I were a wife."
They both would still chafe at the fetter,
And each try to alter the other one's life
And show how to manage it better;
And even with everything turned vice versa
It wouldn't be either for betta or worsa!

Published in: Ladies' Home Journal - September 1939

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