Heart To Believe                                                                                                   

Come, Baby, don't get in a fever!
I'm not any wanton deceiver,
You're always my One and my Only;
But Honey, I've nieces and cousins
And elderly aunts by the dozens,
And, Gosh! are they terrobly lonely!

So, darling, it's plainly in reason,
To seize on St. Valentine's season
To brighten the sad contemplations,
And warm, with my gentle affection,
The hearts of that lonely collection,
My feminine flock of relations!

Yes, you are my Valentine, wholly,
Exclusively, singly and solely,
Alone in my heart in your glory;
These missives, my angry, proud Beauty,
Are sent as a family duty!
(Well, anyhow, that is my story!)

Published in:
Pueblo Star Journal - February 14, 1937
Sunday Chieftain - February 14,1937

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