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After having spoken with various Berton Braley admirers about setting up a Berton Braley Foundation to preserve his work and promote his poetic techniques to be perpetuated by others, I am now making a first step towards this goal.

This year I will incorporate the non profit Berton Braley Foundation.

The steps to achieve this, are specified below.

Eventually the Foundation will get its own site at www.bertonbraley.org

Anybody that is interested in helping with the establishment and/or support of this new foundation is welcome to contact me (see 'about museum' page)



1) File the certificate of incorporation of the foundation
2) Select Berton Braley supporters to serve on the board of directors
3) Developing a vision and mission statement(s)
4) Establish the bylaws and board policies
5) Obtain an employer identification number (EIN)
6) Open a bank account and establish check signing procedures
7) File for federal tax exemption
8) Follow state and local nonprofit regulations
9) Develop an overall fundraising plan
10) Determine office location, when necessary obtain space and office equipment, recruit staff and prepare a personnel manual, establish a payroll system and procure necessary insurance coverage

(source: http://fdncenter.org 12 tasks to accomplish as part of the process of establishing a nonprofit organization

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