Undomesticated Animals                                                                                                   
They cost a lot, they're a heap of bother,
They're mostly hungry and hard to fill,
They trouble mother and worry father,
They're rough and noisy enough, but still--

They leave disorder the whole house over,
And oh, how frowsy and grimed they get;
They're always bringing some canine rover
And wanting to keep the cur, and yet--

They wear out clothes in a frightful fashion,
They haven't a bit of respect for dress;
For gathering junk they've an inborn passion,
They clutter the house, but, nevertheless--

Of order and duty they've little notin,
The walk's unswept and the grass uncut;
For books or school they show scant devotion,
They're always getting in trouble, but--

The neighbors' windows they're always breaking,
In roughhouse gangs they are always banding,
Their wild stunts keep us forever quaking,
They're tough to handle, ye, notwithstanding--

Boys are a nuisance, there's no denying
They're mostly lawless and rarely tame,
Their ways are savage, their manners trying,
They're restless creatures, but, just the same--

We wouldn't care for the house without them,
Dear God, how empty and bleak 'twould be,
So, though we constantly groan about them
We're glad we've got them, because, you see--

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