The Passionate Poet To His Love                                                                                                   
[with the aid, assistance, help, and cooperation of Roget's Thesaurus]

My love for you is durable,
fixed, chronic, and incurable,
Sure, stable, fast,
and made to last,
Firm as the basic rock,
Impregnable, unchangeable,
in no way rearrangeable,
Anchored and set
against all threat;
Insensible to shock.

It's permanent, unaltering,
inflexible, unfaltering,
Unshakeable, unbreakable,
solid, inviolate,
Steady and unuprootable,
invariable, inmutable,
Like adamant,
a love you can't
Delete, obliterate!

My passion's indestructible,
relentless, ineluctable,
Undeviating, certain, imperishable too;
Eternal, irreducible
in any sort of crucible,
Dependable, unrendable,
inexorably true,
Inherent, ineffaceable,
undying, and unknellable,
Ingrained and inerasable--
and adequately tellable
Only, I think,
with fadeless ink
Insoluble, indelible!

Published in: The New Yorker - February 17, 1934

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