Very Domestic                                                                                                   
I am fond, I must confess,
Of the pets that I possess,
Of my hippos, both the female and the male,
Of my kangaroos and tapirs
And my camel, full of capers,
But the nicest is my Sulphur-Bottom Whale.

I have raised him from a baby
When he weighed ten tons, or maybe
Something more or less, I cannot quite recall.
And though now a husky brute,
He was wonderfully cute
When his stature was comparatively small.

I have nursed him through the colic,
I have watched him leap and frolic
In his special tank--a half a mile across--
And he learned to greet me gaily
For I always fed him daily
With a ton or so of fish I used to toss.

Now, although his daily dish is
Seven tons of little fishes,
He won't touch them till I throw him three or four,
Ad he wags his tail with vim
When I come and speak him,
And he often tries to follow me ashore.

He's some ninety-five feet long,
And inordinately strong,
But as gentle and domestic as can be;
And it fills him full of pride
When upon his back I ride--
Though he never carries any one but me.

He's affectionate and kind,
With a very active mind,
And he knows a lot of tricks that he can do;
And his quick intelligence is
Worth the cost of his expenses
Which are numerous, of course, and heavy too.

Still, if you should seek a pet
Of a kind you won't regret
(If you do things on a rather ample scale),
For a nature mild and meek
And a charm that is unique,
There is nothing like a Sulphur-Bottom Whale.

Published in: St. NIcholas - May 1929

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