When The Smoke's A'Curlin Round                                                                                                   
When the "shades of night have fallen", an' the window shades have too,
When the radiator's hissin' as the steam goes chuggin' through,
An' its comfy to be sprawln' in yer ragged easy chair,
Just lie at ease and listen to the sounds about yuh there,
When ye're sort'a kind'a drowsy and yuh ain't a carin' much,
'Cept to lazy there a dreamin' dreams of happiness an' such;
Then a feller sort'a lows he likes to be a "lazy hound",
An' to watch his pipe bowl gleamin' while the smoke's a' curlin' round.

An' yuh lie there just a thinkin' thoughts as hazy as the smoke,
Of the things yuh'd be a' doin' if yuh weren't so rotten broke,
An' yer eyes is busy blinkin' at yer "Castles built in Spain",
Though they tumble down in ruin yuh can always build again;
Then yuhget to kind a' rakin' up the things of long ago,
Things yuh thought yuh had forgotten, till yuh see them come an' glow
In the bluish mist ye're makin'--there's philosophy profound,
In yer memories an' plottin' when the smoke's a' curlin' round.

So outside yuh let men bicker, buy and sell, an' rise er fall,
While within yuh watch the changes in the smoke cloud over all,
Watch the visions shift and flicker, see the faces form and fade,
As yer foolish fancy ranges in the dreamland yuh have made.
Where is trouble, pain or sorrow? Here is nothing only peace;
For the hosts of care must falter an' the little worries cease;
They may deafen yuh to-morrow but to-night they make no sound,
Silenced at tobacco's alter, while the smoke's a' curlin' round.

Published in:  The Oracle On Smoke, 1905

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