Just Because                                                                                                   
Because she's a girl--and a girl of today,
She wants to go forward, brisk, confident, gay,
To taste of adventure
To strive and achieve,
Though Grundies may censure
And faint-hearts may grieve,
She isn't afraid of the world's busy whirl,
Nor daunted at all just because she's a girl.

Because she's a girl, need she linger and wait,
Because such a life was her grandmother's fate?
She wont--she'll endeavor
To win her own chance,
Success, or the ever
Bright goal of romance,
But still, from her toes to each water-waved curl,
She'll keep all her charm, just because she's a girl.

Because she's a girl, we are boosting her game.
Here's luck to her, love to her, money and fame!
But as she goes questing
For visions that thrall,
And weighing and testing
The truth of them all,
May sportmanship guide her through all of the swirl--
May she ask for no favors "because she's a girl!"

Published in: Red Book Magazine - 1920's

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