Model Behavior                                                                                                   

There was once a certain sculptor who used mud instead of clay,
(For the clay was too expensive and he had to do that way)
And this sculptor, as a model, used his active little son
Who was not a model model, but he had no other one.

So the sculptor started sculpting, hoping fondly for a prize,
But his model thought he'd model all the figures into pies.
And the sculptor spanked him soundly, with a loud and heavy thud,
Saying, "You're a naughty model when you meddle with my mud!

"I was hoping for a medal for the modeling I did,
But my mud'll be a muddle from the meddling of a kid,
So my mad'll still continue till you learn the lesson, bud,
That a model mustn't muddle in the middle of my mud!"

Published in: American Boy Magazine - July 1935

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