Dear Lady, I don't mind admitting to you
That my heart greatly trembled and shook at
The first time you happened to come to my view,
You were awfully hard not to look at!

Your manner was modest, I know that it was,
But your eyes were so brightly alert with
Sheer fun, that I flirted a little because
You truly were hard not to flirt with.

Then later acquaintance proved this very plain
Which all who have known you agree with,
To get on without you was sorrow and pain;
You were terribly hard not to be with.

So though I have struggled to keep my heart whole
It seems to be useless, and therefore,
I've fallen in love with you, body and soul,
You are frightfully hard not to care for.

I'd resolved I'd remain in a bachelor's state,
I thought I was cautious and wary,
Yet I march to the altar with manner elate,
You're impossibly hard not to marry!

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