No Facts Wanted                                                                                                   

I watch the great steamers departing
For Sarawak, Rio, and Rome,
But I'll never be on a ship oversea,
I've got to stick 'round here at home.
I'll never see Bangkok or Shanghai,
Calcutta, Bombay, or Lahore;
And though I may dream of their temples agleam,
It's only a dream--nothing more.

My spirit may roam with the rovers;
My flesh has to tread in the mill.
I'm hitched to a house and my kids and my spouse,
And roving is not on the bill.
Though mine is the heart of Ulysses,
I cannot embark on this trail;
My eyes follow ships as they steam from their slips,
But that is as far as I sail.

Yet, maybe my dreams are the better
Because they can never come true,
For Ports of Cathay might prove dingy and gray,
And Samarkand's gardens be few;
But now they are misted with wonder,
Their glory untarnished and pure;
Facts, leaden and tragic, can't shatter their magic,
My stay-at-home's dreams shall endure!

Published in: The Popular Magazine - October 10, 1928

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