Stern Measures                                                                                                   

Let's get to the bottom of this
          (Says Grandma)
And we see where the trouble's seated;
For a stitch in time is something I'm
Thinking should be completed.

Perhaps you don't give a darn
          (Says Grandma)
But I'll darn up hese trunks with vim;
When a boy cavorts in holey shorts,
He's wholly out of the swim.

And so I shall sew and sew
          (Says Grandma)
So thoroughly that you can
Be sure no flush of boyish blush
Will redden your cheek of tan.

We'll get to the bottom of this
          (says Grandma)
And do us a job of mending;
And as I darn I'll spin you a yarn--
A yarn with a happy ending.

Published in: Family Circle - August 1950

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