It isn't so much what you have to eat,
As the friends you have to share it,
For when trouble or pain is yours to meet,
Your friends will help you bear it.

It isn't so much what cash you own,
As the way you've learned to use it,
For some are happier far with none,
Though nobody would refuse it.

Some people will stuff and some must starve,
And some with the cold will shiver,
And some will have a turkey to carve,
And others nothing but liver.

But each has a gift, however small,
And each has his burden hateful,
And it does no one any good at all,
To be anything but grateful.

Here's thanks for little and thanks for much,
For everything there's a reason,
It's a queer old world, but we find it such,
And this is the grateful season.

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