That Meal                                                                                                   
This is how it all began--
Teddy (who is color blind)
Said to Booker T., "Old man,
You look hungry, have you dined?"
"No," admitted Booker T.,
Then quoth Teddy, "Say no more;
You will have a meal on me
Booker, dine with Theodore!"

That was all, and yet the South,
Or its editors at least,
Made strange noises from the mouth,
Called the president a beast;
Waved excited hands in air,
Eaved and gibbered, shouted, swore,
These the words that made them swear--
"Booker dines with Theodore."

Now the president is down,
Down in dear old Dixie land.
When he lit in Booker's town
Booker took him by the hand
Saying, "Come, the grub is good;
Come right in and dine with me.
Yes, I really wish we would,
Teddy, dine with Booker T.

"Possum meat an' roasted lam',
Chicken fried and' in a stew,
Hot co'n pone an'  tendah ham,
Yes, an' sweet pertatahs, too."
I don't know what other men
Think of it, but as for me,
Wish I could have been there when
Teddy dined with Booker T.

Published in: The Butte Intermountain - October 25, 1905

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