The Girder Monkey Hits The Trail                                                                                                   

(A girder monkey is an iron worker)

I'm sittin' on a girder some three hundred feet in the air,
An' I sees the ships a-steamin' out the sea,
An' I sorta gets to wonderin' about the places where
Them ships might take a restless guy like me.
For I've kinda roamed around
From New York to Puget Sound
And from Florida to way up north in Maine;
Where the jobs was--there was I,
Ridin' I-beams in the sky,
But I always done my travelin' by train!

Well, I'm feelin' sorta restless an' I've saved a bit of pay,
An' I'm thinkin' it is time for me to blow,
An' as I sees the steamers that is sailin' down the bay,
I'm guessin' that I'll hop aboard an' go.
For I've seen "my country first,"
Both the best towns an' the worst,
An' I wants to lamp the ports acrost the sea;
So I've packed my little grip
An' I'm shippin' on a ship--
If you see a brand-new deck hand--it is me!

Published in: The Popular Magazine - January 28, 1928

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