The Modern Version                                                                                                   
(To a Lucy Stoner)

Stay by yourself and be my love!
We will not ape the turtledove

And live within one tiny cot
As is the common married lot.

Such humdrum ways we view amiss,
We seek a freer sort of bliss.

You keep your flat and I'll keep mine
Save that together we will dine

Say once a week. But otherwise
Our quondam freedom we will prize.

Upon your time I'll make no claim,
You'll keep your job, your maiden name,

And folks who come around to call
Will never know we're wed at all.

Stay by yourself and be my bride,
And our expenses we'll divide,

Retaining all our love's resplendence
Through Economic Independence.

And should a baby come to us
(It has been known to happen thus),

We'll shake the dice or match to see
Whether it's named for you or me,

And thus we'll live our whole lives through
Two hearts and souls--remaining two!

It with this plan you coincide,
Stay by yourself and be my bride!

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