The Qualmy Sailor                                                                                                   
--A song of the Great Lakes--

Oh, them as choose to kin enthuse
About the waves a-splashin'
An' rave about the "winds that shout"
An' shriek in ugly fashion.
But not fer me--in such a sea
I'm upset altogether.
When storms is seen my face gets green--
I'm strong fer pleasant weather.

I hates to float around the boat
On decks that's runnin' torrents,
An'passin' coal when combers roll
Just fills me with abhorrence--
(I hope you heard--some class, that word!)
I shows the snowy feather
When blows begin I'm just all in--
Fer I likes pleasant weather.

Somehow the Lakes when stormy makes
My tummy some uneasy,
An' I gets pale an' seeks the rail
When things is gettin' breezy;
Yet if I quits, the mate has fits,
An' yells, with lungs like leather:
"Hi there, you slob, get on the job!"
I'm strong fer pleasant weather.

I likes the days when decks don't raise
An' hit you hard an' sudden,
When skies is clear an' all you hear
Is just the engines thuddin'.
Yes, calm an' shine is best fer mine
If I know which from whether,
Fer hell let loose I hain't no use,
I'm strong fer pleasant weather.

 Published in: The Popular Magazine - May 23, 1913

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