The Queen Of Hearts                                                                                                   
Though I oftentimes tire of her flowerlike face
As one tires of perpetual beauty,
I am free to admit she's a creature of grace,
That, in fact, she's a regular "cutie";
And though I have raved pretty rabidly of
The wearisome frequency of her,
I was really and truly dissembling my love
For the Girl on the Magazine Cover!

For I am a highly susceptible chap
Wherever you happen to set me;
If a pretty girl shows anywhere on the map,
I--well, I'm around! Do you get me?
I gaze with delight on her face and her form
And close to her presence I hover,
So you see I am merely a fraud when I storm
At the Girl on the Magazine Cover!

And if I find that "not impossible she",
My last and my mightiest passion,
A peach and a pippin she surely must be,
A goddess of beauty and fashion,
For how could a commonplace damsel retain
The homage and love of a lover
Whose heart has been subject to years to the reign
Of the Girl on the Magazine Cover!

Published in: Collier's Weekly - January 1, 1916

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