The Rainbow Chaser                                                                                                   

There's gold at the end of the rainbow,
Or such is the tale that is told,
And so I can't rest from my glamorous quest,
Until I have garnered the gold.
The trails are not easy to follow;
The rainbow itself fades away;
But there is a lure to the search, and I'm sure
I 'll win to the treasure some day!

"There's gold at the end of the rainbow!"
Suppose that it should n't be true;
Suppose all my dreams and my plans and my schemes
Should lead me to naught when I'm through?
Suppose that the chase is a failure?
Why should I regret or repine?
Though never a hoard may be mine as reward,
The joy of the seeking is mine!

So if at the end of the rainbow
I find not the treasure I sought,
I 'll rest for a bit to recover my grit
And then I shall cherish this thought:
Oh, there are two ends to a rainbow!
Since this ne of treasure is bare,
I 'll seek for the skies where the other end lies
And look for the gold that is there!

Published in: St. Nicholas - October 1925

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