The Recipe                                                                                                   

Love is made of tenderness, love is made of fire,
Of glory and of wonder and of longing and desire,
Of dreams and hopes and fantasies, of passion and of pain,
Of showers after sunshine and of sunshine after rain.

But love that lasts a lifetime is more material stuff,
It's made of dogged patience when the going's rather rough,
It's made of understanding of a lot of little things,
The irks and quirks and jolts and jerks that daily living brings.

Love that lasts a lifetime has a sense of humor too,
Which only grins at silly things that wives and husbands do;
Which bears with dreariness at times and boredom now and then,
When sweethearts prove but women and when lovers prove but men.

Love that lasts a lifetime learns to struggle and be brave,
To throw a bluff at destiny and make Dame Fate behave,
To take the hard luck with the good, the bitter with the sweet,
And figure rent and clothing bills and what it costs to eat.

Love that lasts a lifetime must be practical--as such
It nags and carps a little, but it shouldn't do it much.
A wifely tear, a manly growl will now and then correct
Some faults and peccadilloes that no patience wil affect.

Love that lasts a lifetime needn't loose its high romance,
But it's got to be of fiber that can battle Circumstance,
It must have fire and tenderness, and loyalty intense,
And faith and hope and charity--and Simple Common Sense.

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